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Jennifer Youngs

Op donderdag 9 februari 2006 heb ik Jennifer Youngs (Ingrid) een mail gestuurd, of ik haar wat vragen mocht stellen. En dat mocht! Een paar Dr.Quinn fans hebben de vragen verzonnen. Op dinsdag 14 februari kreeg ik al de antwoorden! Hieronder staat het interview!

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Jen Youngs als  Ingrid Bergman

1. What was it like to play with such great actors like Jane Seymour en Joe Lando?  
Jane was wonderful so was Joe but i got to know Jane better because she 
knew my dad (the actor John Savage) and she had worked with my uncle 
Jim Youngs also an actor. she was involved in my character the first episode 
i did when the immigrants are starving. she helped me get into character. :-)

2. What was it like to do the audition for DQ?
i remember i brought my dog tanna she was a wolf dog just like the one on 
the show. i spoke with my Swedish accent that i copied from Ingrid Bergman 
movies and i left Hollywood for the long back to Topanga (Santa Monica 
mountains out towards Malibu) when i got home there was a message on my 
answering machine i had a call back!! right away! so i turned around and went
back to the casting office. being an actress was hard with out a cell phone.

3. Was it hard work playing Ingrid? 
no, i watched gas light and Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Ingrid Bergman movies)
to get the accent. i loved playing Ingrid i love the old west!

4. Are you still in contact with the other actors? 
i saw Chad and Jane at the Tribecca film fest able last year. Pam from the DQ 
Times has organized two reunions. i'm sure you can find photos on the site :-)

 5. Which episode is your favorite? 
as an actress Brothers keeper because it was the most challenging and fun to 
do. as a fan i like the stories that involve cloud dancing.

6. If you must go to an island, who would you like to take with you?  it 
has to be someone from Dr.Quinn. 

i would take someone funny like ORSON BEAN  DEFINITLY ORSON!!! :-)

7. Since Dr. Quinn, we haven't seen you on screen much anymore... 
What have you been doing since? 

i have put all my eggs in the music basket so to speak. i have been writing 
songs since i was little. so by now i have quite a few. i have been recording and 
performing them around NYC and would like nothing more then to have at 
least one of my songs in general rotation on the radio!! you can listen to some 
songs here :-)

8. What was it like to work on Dr. Quinn? 
it was right where i wanted to be!! what a wonderful family the cast was, 
Orson is one of the nicest funniest people. every one was just so supportive. I 
loved being around all those horses, I made friends with the female handler.  It was very convenient going to work since I lived just over the next canyon from 
Paramount ranch.   

9. What's William Shockley really like? 
just the nicest guy!! smiley and friendly.

10. What did you think / feel when you read the script of the episode 
"Brother's Keeper" in which Ingrid dies? 

- i cried. we would have a cast read through of the new scripts, i did not know i
would die until the read through. :-( they had to free up Mathew, to keep the 
tension since they had married sully and DR. Mike. they could have just sent 
Ingrid away and made her disappear so i am glad they gave me a good episode
to go out with.

11. What are your goals / plans for the future? 
we are just finishing some new recordings i will then do an INDIE and collage 
radio campaine, if any of you know a dj at a radio station i will send you a press
kit! :-) i would like to go on a tour but that takes $ so first i must get some 

12. Why didn't you sing in the Dr.Quinn show? 
i don't know i guess the story never called for it.

13. Was it hard to leave Dr.Quinn? 
yes, after i died i decided to quit acting and focus all my energy on my music. 
maybe that was a mistake. i eat better when i was acting. i love acting and i 
love music. now i am older and it is harder to get going again. i will keep 
pushing the music, something has got to give :-)

 14. With who did you get along the best, had the most fun with? 
Chad and the first Colleen. I spent the most time with Sean we eat together 
allot, we were both brought up vegetarians. The first colleen was a really nice 
friendly girl and of coarse I got along good with Chad. Since then he has done 2 
movies with my dad. He lives here in NYC. 

15. Besides your music, are you doing some more acting? 

16. Now that you've played on Dr. Quinn, do people often recognize you? 
Not often but sometimes, usually if I tell people I was on the show then they 
recognize me and say " i thought you looked familiar" 

Thank you very much for the interview! 
Greeting from a big fan of Dr.Quinn.

Thank you 
I hope I answered the questions ok!
I enjoyed it.

RING OF FIRE :-) you'll love it!

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